Hearing protection GHS 25 I-577793
Hearing protection GHS 25 I-577793
Hearing protection GHS 25 I-577793
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Hearing protection GHS 25 I-577793



    • charging case
    • USB charging cable
    • 7 pairs of earplugs (various sizes)


    Small, light and convenient – the cordless Bluetooth® earplugs are your daily companion in the workshop or on the jobsite. They help to protect you from noise with an ANSI-rated noise reduction rating (NRR) of 25 dB while you work all while listening to your favorite tunes with excellent sound quality. They can even enable you to make phone calls via Bluetooth®. You don't have to do without the function of earplugs: loud ambient noise outside the safe sound level of 85 dB (corresponds to EU standard EN352) is blocked. Still want to know what's going on around you? Conversation mode takes care of that. The innovative technology allows speech and ambient noise to pass through at a safe listening volume – so you can still converse with others at any time without removing your earplugs. After the work is done, the earplugs are simply recharged in the charging case supplied.

    • Innovative: conversation mode enables communication with others without taking out the earplugs
    • For use in work environments: complies with OSHA standards
    • Communicative: Bluetooth® 5.2 with true wireless technology
    • Multifunctional: noise-isolating microphone for clear phone calls even in noisy environments
    • Convenient: Touch control on the ear protection
    • Ready for use for a long time: up to 13 hours of battery life, another 25 hours by recharging in the charging case
    • Robust: IP67 protection against dust, water and sweat | Safer: noise reduction by 25 dB (NRR) / 32 dB (SNR)
    • multifunctional, professional ear protection (EN352), also for listening to music and making phone calls


    Main applications

    • Perfect companion for the jobsite, workshop and free time
    • Helps to reduce harmful noise
    • Multifunctional earplugs that can play music, cancel noise, and make phone calls
    • Cordless in-ear plugs with Bluetooth® 5.2
    • Suppresses background noise – for undisturbed phone calls even in noisy environments

    Technical Data

    Max. Bluetooth® range
    32.8 ft (10 m)
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester